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Tan Chi Ying 陈祈瑛 (Chen Qi Ying)

The Founder

Qi Ying is an accomplished entreprenuer and professional Free Runner. He sets vision and overall direction for its growth, including A2 Parkour high performance strategy and quest for life success with our elite coaching team & partners. Awarded the to Sliver with National Youth Achievement Award though his years in the Boys Bridge. It prepared him for his National Service ahead. Have excelled at the Standard Obstacles Course with his Parkour capabilities, he was head hunted to the position of Phyiscal Training Instructor. The experience in turn set and equipped him toward his career ahead. Qi Ying graduated from the University of Manchester - Bachelor of science in business from which he built A2 Parkour whilst pursuing his studies. He also studied Interior Architecture Design at Temasek Polytechnic which resulted much of the design and style of the Free Runner Lodge. Qi Ying engages in Fencing and Wu Dang sword play for leisure.

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