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In a safer and more controlled environment built specially to help you master the fundamentals of flipping not just indoors but outdoors as well. 

Learn how to flip front, back & side, do kicks & spins train along side enthusiast.

A2 Parkour Academy Flip Training is held in our Indoor Parkour Facility - Free Runner Lodge, a space built by Free Runners and to raise the next generation of Free Runners.

Training is conducted under the guidance and supervision Singapore most experienced Parkour academy.

Experience the awesome feeling of mastering the cool movement of flips today!

Become a Free Runner Today!

Let the city become your playground.


Parkour Wear
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waiver before attending
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[Flip  Parkour Classes]
Trial / Drop in per Session

Flip only package
S$ 300
Attend up to 8 sessions of Flip classes (valid for 3 months)

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