" " I'M Not Wearing Hockey Pads! " "

I'M Not Wearing Hockey Pads!

February 27, 2015


Most of the time, i am really quiet person, a private man, one that minds his own business. But felt the need to address this issue to straighten out such matter (in the best of my ability on the every least)


For somehow,  \('-')/  a video like this is getting some traction.



To some parkour guys I honestly know.

"puff I can do better"


The nicer ones would notice;

that's good control, despite the height, drop & that flaky landing platform, it was considerably a soft & pretty controlled movement.


But fret not I am not in over my head. Not even with the tiniest an hint of grandeur that this is an epic hit. Afterall, to many this is just another episode of stupidity stunt pull by some young punk in the eyes of many (one this time, I am the one shown doing it, hence my responsibility)


To begin, while i certainly look young. Alas! no one can be spared from aging and time. (hitting 30s)

Sure I do retain a certain badass to do seemingly epic shit.

*shakes slow*, no not really, not anymore =/

comparing to the youth today, *signs*, feels more like the image below especially when they nicely provide positive comment



While in private I love to pull this type of joke;

Kids don't do this at home......cause you can only do this outside! (Watch link to understand my tone & action)


However it is vital for viewers understand what they seen, that the movements this is done with years of training & even then, a great deal of understanding the fear can be controlled but the danger is very real.


Moreover, while I greatly desire that people be inspired to movement & understand that before we can help anyone else, we have to be strong first.

Where, much like batman, these movements and mindset would be liken to a symbol,  that it is achievable By anyone that with training, mindset & lifestyle.