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Parkour Free Running Roles

Just sharing some thoughts that has been lingering in the back of my mind.

When I was younger, like many others, we played DOTA. In these games (now known as MOBA - seriously I didn't know until recently), other than character classes, they have different roles which at times depends on the character, other times dependent on what goes on in that particular game.

There is little doubt if the world is a Role Playing Game (RPG), our primary class will most likely be in the range of thief, rogue, assassins, rangers, etc (high agility based)

But hey! Roles on the other hand, can be toyed and change;

The following is a break down of the different roles based on MOBA on Traceurs/ Free Runners mainly in a jam setting;

Thought the picture above shows a nice range of Traceurs / Free Runners


He trains best he could like everyone else, but on the side, he takes video & pictures, spot for people, talks to beginners, buys water for others, helps the injured, etc...

what are we gonna do without him.

But seriously guys, we ought to thank them.

But make no mistakes, these guys are pretty sick., if not unsung heroes. Afterall, they carry their equipment and do the same shit we do.

eg Andy Day, Julie Angels, Remus Devin Koh, Jeremii Leongg, Emily Ibarra, etc..


Buys cash items (clothes, bands, shoes, etc) so long there is a parkour/free running label on it, he will get it. The various items shows forth his passion and adds on to his stats. While Parkour philosophy is a great deal in their life as it has seemingly changed his outlook.

Maybe be sick after sometime, maybe. It's hard to say cause he is such a wild card hence only time can tell through his farming *koff* training.

(Parkour Panels is back! check it out! It FYI, it doesn't reflect our views or for whom we stand, but it is still a really enjoyable articles written by Pava - Alex Pavlotski)


Come to a jam doing 1 - 2 big moves & AOE stuns the shit out if everyone.

Thereafter, the jam is on~ people starts trying the same, if not at least look at marvel at what they did. While they move onto the next epic shit they are gonna dump on us all.


The controller just does his own thing but solid control, drilling one move all day long pumping specific skill tree till perfection

His landing is so soft, even a leaf lands harder than him.


The tricker, free runners who does more flips than a prata by a Indian man.

These guys sweeps the heart of ladies of their feet by turning their own world around.

They bring cool in to our world.


The guys whom conditions like crazy & is seemingly able to withstand any bodily hits or bail. Obstacles tremble at the sight of them. The part time cross-fit/ strong man training, with arms bigger than your face. Obstacles are more afraid of these guys.

Think yamakasi, parkour generations, primal fitness


The silent majority that moves and tries stuff.

They have different skills set and speciality such as

1) Building "Personnel"

always trying to climb stuffs around the spot. dyno, muscle up, lache are common skill/spell spent until they hit their "cool down"

2) Jumper

plyo everything, they leap, hop, jump, stride and land from one point to the other with extreme precision. They dont understand what is gravity.

3) Flow Master

Traversing like water across obstacles as he moves.

People would would either awe and go "smooth~"

Or try cause they likely think "it's easy~" until otherwise...

(apprently there is different classes of them, will cover in another article, maybe)

Kindly note, no one is specific to one role/ class as it really depends on a couple of factors

1) the crowd that day

2) your own stage in life (what season you are going through)

3) the group objective

Have Fun & keep training! Cheers!

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