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Tan Chi Ying— Parkour Trainer For A2 Movements, Parkour Enthusiast

Have you ever dreamt of jumping off rooftops? How about scaling shop houses? If you have that dream, Chi Ying is the man to look for.

If you had met him as a kid, you would probably have had a hard time keeping up with his seemingly never ending supply of energy. As a child, he would be running around everywhere. From chasing buses to running to school, moving about was as natural to him as flying is to a bird. But it wasn’t until his army days where Chi Ying tried, and excelled in the standard obstacle course (SOC). Henceforth, his love for parkour sparked.

These days, Chi Ying is on a mission to spread parkour across Singapore with his Parkour school, A2 Movements. His greatest passion is to change the perception of parkour as a dangerous sport and to make a positive impact in his students’ lives. What others may deem as a sacrifice, Chi Ying sees as a merger between his lifestyle and a career, and he is grateful for the opportunity.

I believe we make time for what is important. Often, we take many things for granted. It’s only when we lose what matters that we realise the importance & irreplaceable value in the matter — Chi Ying

As a caring instructor, watching his students grow up and helping them become stronger mentally and physically is a reward that Chi Ying enjoys greatly. Chi Ying quoted a famous saying to help us understand how he sees his students: “He who waters will himself be watered”.

To him, parkour is a sport that not only keeps an individual strong and healthy, but it also has practical value which might come in handy one day in the urban jungle of Singapore.

As part of Chi Ying’s goal to expand interest of parkour in Singapore, A2 Parkour has recently moved to a bigger facility to accommodate the growing needs of his students. With new equipment and safety precautions, Singaporeans who are interested in parkour will now have a safe and controlled environment to try their moves.

Free Runner Lodge @ 605B Macpherson Road, Citimac Industrial Complex #01–12

When asked if he has any advice to other beginners and novices in sports he had this to say:

“There is never a right time to get started. So get started today. Procrastination is your greatest enemy.”

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