" " Five Reasons Why You Should Try Parkour At Least Once In Your Life " "

Five Reasons Why You Should Try Parkour At Least Once In Your Life

December 23, 2016


From scaling walls to jumping from rooftop to rooftop, the action movie junkie in us has always admired the stunts performed by the spies/secret agents. But as someone who feels a sense of achievement from just walking on the balancing beam at the fitness corner downstairs without falling, we sort of put our dreams of joining the spy-hood behind. That was until we were given the chance to attend a Parkour class.


Our ambassadors, Chelsea and Cheryl, attended the class too. Here’s a video of their experience:



A French invented sport that focuses on overcoming obstacles in urban environments through running, jumping or climbing, Parkour is definitely not for the non-nimble. It’s sort of like a mandatory sport for spies in training.




Tan Chi Ying, one of Singapore’s Parkour pioneers and founder of A2 Movements

As we stood in the company of Tan Chi Ying, one of the pioneers of Singapore Parkour scene and founder ofA2 Movements, our nerves began to set in.

The Free Runner Lodge, an indoor Parkour facility, resembles a playground without stairs (who needs them when you can swing/climb/flip your way around, right?). Established in 2010, A2 Movements is Singapore’s first Parkour academy.




The Free Runner Lodge – An indoor Parkour facility by A2 Movments

After a couple of stretches, we stood face-to-face with a wooden block that was half our height.

Our mission was to place both our hands on the block’s surface before swinging our legs over and bringing our whole body over the obstacle. Sounds pr