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Foam Rollers

A2 Parkour just recently got sponsored 2 form rollers, namely the Centenarian & Fascinator II, for the Free Runner Lodge, from PRIMERO Fitness, A website that is strongly dedicated to selling extremely premium and unique fitness equipment. These rollers are the top of the line and are ultra-effective in aiding with muscles recovery especially after an intense & physical session of training. The centenarian functions like a common form roller, however, it certainly do feel much more effective as it is much harder & have grooves in he middle & corners which one can use to press into certain points of the muscles for a deeper massage. Fascinator II is especially fitted with hard spikes and virtually indestructible ABC core that are brutally effective in eradicating any muscle knots & maximizing muscle performance after that. We are really pleased with these rollers & will definitely recommend anyone to have one of them as a post-training item. Beyond form rollers, they also sell other premium and unique fitness equipment from dumbbells, exercise mats to barbells.

For 10% discount for a bundle purchase of foam rollers together with dumbbells and barbells, use the coupon code: fitnessresolution Check out; www.primerofitness.com.sg Key in the code; primerofitness - for additional 5% discount lifelong for all A2 members & readers.

As mentioned, {sponsored post} For our students~ woot~!! \(O.O)/ Muscles can heal faster now! Yea!!

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