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Parkour - Learning to Run, Climb and Jump safely!

Parkour is an activity that is often misunderstood. Many think of it as an extreme sport involving scaling buildings, jumping across huge gaps and climbing high walls! The common misperception is that Parkour is a sport filled with danger and injuries.

While the sport does involve running, climbing and jumping, these movements are often performed after countless hours of training, as an Olympian would.

In fact, many of the activities in Parkour are already performed by your kid. Does your kid run, climb and jump around in the house, playground or park?

Parkour for Kids aim to teach kids to be safer in their everyday running, climbing and jumping. From the classes, Kids will learn to break falls, be fitter, attain a knowledge of safety and a better understanding of self against fear.

But it is not all about training the body to overcome physical obstacles. Parkour in its essence is a method of training the body, soul & spirit. Parkour seeks to inculcate values that will help them overcome the life obstacles that they face.

A2 Parkour is a premier parkour and free running academy providing Kids Parkour classes.

  • Classes are held in a nicely built indoor facility, thus a truly rain or shine class

  • Conveniently located at the Free Runners Lodge @ Lavender Street

  • Kids Parkour Classes are held every Thursday, Saturday & Sunday evenings.

To get updated about other parkour news, stay in touch with us through Facebook and Instagram!

Facebook: @A2parkour

Instagram: @a2movements

Oct 11, 2016


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