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Five Reasons Why You Should Start Parkour!

Firstly, parkour is actually really, really fun, if you’re looking to do something different to what you’re used to. Change up your training routine from simply gymming and running. Instead, keep fit and learn skills that are practical and functional, something that you can use in daily life obstacles as well. How you might ask? When it changes the way you look at bar rails, ramps and walls, the world opens up with possibilities

Secondly, it’s not as hard as most people think. Most people look at the people who do parkour and go like, “nah, I can’t do that,” then dismiss the notion entirely. However, the basics of parkour are actually really simple; you just need constant practice in order to refine your technique and train up those muscles!

Thirdly, you keep fit! Unlike many other sports where one become dominant in some muscles groups or sides, parkour is an all-rounded training activity that have emphasis on balance - training multiple muscle groups at once, making you easily adaptable to other activities that might come your way

Fourth, you expand you social circle drastically, especially people from overseas! I can’t tell you how many friends I’ve made that are now back in their own countries; new people from all walks of life both local and overseas - travellers, expats & tourist alike!

Fifth, you never know a situation might arise that you need to escape or chase. The situation can be as simple as rushing to a washroom cause of a bad tummy. Helping a friend to unlock his door. Or even trying to lose a stalker. Every fighter will tell you that in a hostile situation, the first technique you should try to do, is run.

What better martial art is there than parkour for flight.

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