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Join Our Kid's Parkour Camp!

September 3, 2019

Jumpstart your child’s school holiday with a parkour camp from 9th to 13th September!


The school holidays are fast approaching; are you looking for an enriching activity for your child to spend time in? Why not try enrolling them in our kids' parkour camp?


Simply let us know how many days you’d like to have your kids down for these 3-6 hour intensive parkour workshops filled with fun, life skills and mobility exercises to help with be more nimble and fitter; meant to help your kids be more confident in their bodies and in turn, give a major boost to their self-esteem, gaining confidence and increased social interaction with other children, drawing them away from their phone screens. 


Through the camp, their mindset will be challenged to scale through a series of challenges, stimulate critical thinking and coming up with out of the box solutions.


Parkour is not simply just a sport useful to keep fit, but also a useful skill to have in everyday life. You never know when a situation will turn up where you’ll need to speed past obstacles to escape or chase!


Open to children of all ages, up to thirteen years old. These sessions foster learning and mingling amongst various age groups, giving your child greater interaction with children of different ages. This lets them learn about people from all walks of life and gives them access to differing views. 


Have a sneak preview of what goes on in our camp:




Our camp will be held in September 2019, just mere days away! Don’t wait and sign up now by clicking the link below! (More details included in the link):




To get updated on other exciting events, follow us on Instagram and Facebook! 

Facebook Page: @A2parkour

Instagram: @a2movements

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