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GetActive! Singapore With A2 Pakour Movements

In the month of August, in conjunction with Singapore national day, A2 Parkour movements participated in the Singapore Sports Festival an event supported by GetActive Singapore.

There were a huge variety of activities available that day and parkour was one of them. We were very pleased to have been invited to participate in this event. The above is a clip showcasing the happenings of our day out with our set up as a fort for a parkour play space.

Lessons were conducted under a large tent in Sembawang. Our regular students were shown a variety of techniques as challenges, from basic vaults and advance climbing movements, to bring all their skills from indoor classes to a familiar set-up with unfamiliar grounds, whilst newcomers along with the members of the public keen to try out were led through some introductory to parkour workshop followed by a series of challenges.

In addition to that, we played a bunch of games and had tons of fun, utilising what we learned in class in an attempt to gain the upper hand.

The event was a perfect showcase that it is an activity enjoyable by all keen to gain better body mastery.

Till the next event

See ya!

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