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A2 movements seeks to utilise our lifeskills to inspire every individual to realise their full untapped potential and in doing so, achieving their God-given purpose.

Who Are We
Parkour Training

A2 movements is Singapore First Parkour Training Academy


We focus on amplification of the human experience, the concept of human reclamation - what it means to be human.


If you are stripped of all your tool. How you might still be a better man.
Not just the bodily, but in mind & spirit.


We believe in developing functional fitness with the goal of being strong to serve.

Teaching parkour movements is our basic/ foundational field. But imparting life, values, mindset, ideology and outlook on life.

Now that is what we are really about. Doesn't mean we are perfect, or know the way, but we are on this journey & hope you come along with us in this ride.

What We Do
stunt shoot

A2 Movements works to achieve the highest standards in all our endeavours; from running a parkour academy geared towards transforming lives, with regular classes and workshops providing the highest standard of instruction at all levels. We aim to leave an impact on all our students and the community as a whole.


A2 Movements as an agency performs stunts for all media work and artistic representations such as professional live performances and events, to choreographing stunts and providing talents in films, commercials in both private and governmental sectors.

Meaning of the glyph
A2 Parkour

The strokes of A are taken from Chinese calligraphy which represents human.

The numeral 2 reflects a flow and also depicts the second man is birth from within, a change in the nature of man, a filling of the void within.
The triangular symbol reflects the trinity nature of man – body, soul and spirit.

It is used to depict show the A2 Movements - ADAM 2.0

Meaning of the old logo
old parkour

Adam 2.0 is the new exemplary model of us in the Adamic race, the "upgraded" version of humanity

The traucer leading into reality is the Adam 2.0 - the redeemed humanity - Where we reclaim what it means to be a human and not simply part of a system

The 3 lines in the flow represents - speed, efficency and emergency the essentials for le parkour

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