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A2 Movements have developed a set of curriculum for interested participants to engage in parkour training that instructs them in techniques, origins, philosophy of Parkour.​

Each sessions seeks to train through conditioning and further fine tune the movements your parkour techniques  in every terrain both urban and nature, these sessions will challenge your limits and encourage creativity as well as enhance your mental focus.​

In these 1.5 hours sessions, one can experience the intrinsic drive to push to move to the next level in one's personal development while being exposed to the practicality of the training as well as living our the discipline's philosophy.​

Students should demostrate S.M.A.R.T - Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain, with control, good technique, fluidity in motion as they traverse through a selected environment of the instructor's choice. Life transformation is also a desired outcome in students that they might plan S.M.A.R.T.E.R goals as they live out the idealogy of parkour and overcome life's challenges.​

Expand your range of motion today!​

Different member structure are offered to fit your busy schedule. Check out below!

Instructors are:
ADAPT (Parkour Instructor certification - UK parkour)
NCAP (National Coaching Accreditation Programme - Singapore sports council),
First Aid trained


Parkour Wear
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[Ladies  Kids  Regular Parkour Classes]
Outdoor Sessions & Free Runner Lodge

Trial / Drop in per Session

Monthly Based
Unlimited lessons within a month
Sessions Based
Attend up to 10 sessions (valid for 3 months)

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