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What Is Parkour?


Parkour holistic method of training the body, soul and spirit. It is a discipline to traverse smoothly across random terrain with bodily motion such as crawling, running, jumping, climbing, etc.


It is also an art of motion for one to express creativity in movement in a environment creating an expression of life in a space.


The discipline engages the practitioner to overcome not just fear & physical obstacles but also the ones in life. Becoming more intuitive with their body, soul and spirit with their environment. Engaging in the process of human reclaimation.

What To Expect


Lesson Description

Our sessions are designed to introduce participants to Parkour basics, as a holistic lifestyle, and various movements & techniques. We also aim to enhance the fundamentals of parkour as a fitness programme and develop discipline which provides a means for holistic wellness.


Lesson Objectives

Performance: Explain, demonstrate and apply the following:

                    a. Game or lesson concept / purpose

                    b. Warm routines and games (activity specific)

                    c. Modified parkour routines

                    d. Techniques and transitions


Conditions & standards to achieve: Outdoor lesson, with demonstrations and practice to enable participants to fall safely and apply techniques and application.


Stages and Time Allotted

a. Introduction: Brief description of lesson and concepts.

b. Warming up: Activity specific exercises & games.

c. Stage 1: Technique demonstration & practice.

d. Stage 2: Techniques application & transitions.

e. Stage 3: Explaination of techniques application to life

f. Conclusion: Post training exercise / games.


Method of Instruction

Explanation with demonstrations followed by practice and application.


Organisation of Lesson

The sessions will cover basic parkour conditioning, techniques, ideology and application to life.


Equipment and Training Aids: Ideally a sheltered environment


Attire: sporty attire - long pants & rubber/flat sole shoes preferred.


Safety Precaution: First Aid Kit will be readily available.