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Ever been in a fight or flight situation?

Now the choice can be in your hands.

In association with​ Refuel Academy , A2 Movements is launching a the Combat Runner program.

Experience the fighting techniques of Muay Thai & Boxing coupled with Parkour techniques to have diversity of movement choices to be functional, effective and efficient.

Program seeks to cover various Martial Arts of fight and flight meant to developed you progressively through your fitness and self-discovery journey.

Instructors are:
First Aid trained

Parkour & Flips trained

Boxing & Muay Thai Trained 


Click here to fill the required
waiver before attending
any of our classes



[Combat Runner]
A2 Parkour X Refeul Academy
 Sessions Based
Attend up to
10 parkour/ Flip sessions
10 Boxing / Muai Thai Classes
(valid for 3 months)

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