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 A2 Multi Activity Camps is designed to provide an experiential experience for practitioners during their holiday season.

A good holistic program for the development of personal well-being for physical strengthening, creativity exercise and an understanding of the world to come.

Through the camp, they will be exposed to the following activities;
1)Parkour & Flips
The techniques as well as the fundamental principles and attributes of parkour and flips.

2) Art & AI Art
Get exposed to various techniques in drawing and copic markers as a medium for coloring as well as how to generate art using AI.

3) Coding & Robotics
Assemble your own robots, learn to write codes and have it execute the commands.

A 3 days camp with timings open to be scheduled from 9am - 4pm. Duration of 3 hours a day.

It caters for kids between the ages of 5-14 years old, with students challenged to their ability during the week as coaches get to know them and familiarizes themselves with the potential of each student.


All our camps are held indoors, aimed to be fun-Filled games aimed to provide enriching experiences to bring values of Hard work, Focus, Creativity, Exploration and Leadership.

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[A2 Multi Activity Camp]

Three Days

3 Sessions | 3 Hours

9am - 7pm
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