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You have been called

Global Frequency - an independent, covert intelligence network that calls on ordinary citizens with skills sets, the reach and more importantly, the will to act where governments cannot publicly or deem too irrelevant to answer - threats from Samaritan acts to world threating situations that deals from rogue military, paranormal phenomena, terror attacks to zealous cults.



An overnight event of learning, exploration and challenges spanning from dusk till dawn with an expedition that takes one through Singapore, exploring the City and one's own limits. 

You will pick up various skills of your allocated class, a set of specific skills that your team will depend on you to accomplish the challenges that lies ahead.

Expect your skills, physical, and mental put through trials, testing your mind, body and spirit.

Challenges will range from teamwork to ones where the team is dependent on you. 

When l Where l Who

This event happens every few months. 

We meet at the Free Runner Lodge 21:00 Saturday, where you will meet up with your squad to learn skills before heading out in your teams. Event will last for the next 6-9 hours from dusk till dawn.

This event is meant for age 16  & above, for the uninitiated to season practitioners. This isn't a test rather a means to better understand yourself - You have more within you than you think or you will walk away with a better understanding and gauge of your capacity.


Bookings are individual, completion is collective. Signing up with friends is recommended, though fret not, as either way, you will leave with a new group with a shared experience.

Open to all skill levels, ability and experience, this event will open your eyes to the city like you have never been seen before.


This event is a physically demanding undertaking and you will assume all responsibility for the risk associated with it, to you and/or your processions, even though you do not know what what your team and you will be working on.


Anything you choose to do or not, is voluntary on your part. We did not force you nor are you under duress hence compel to act. 

Kindly note that should you choose to leave early, quit or outright refuse an aspect of a challenge then you have forfeited the right to have completed the event. 

training location, Singapore Parkour, Parkour Singapore
things to bring, Singapore Parkour, Parkour Singapore
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