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Private training sessions are created to not only fit the busy schedule of clients, but also tailored to suit their level and requirements.

These sessions are held for either individuals or small groups of client's choice, providing the ideal method to take your parkour to the next level through bespoke tutoring and personal attention.

For others it might simply a fantastic way to get started with the discipline or to further their specific techiniques or learning flips.


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[Private Training]

Location TBC & Free Runner Lodge

Personal  / Small Group Classes

Parkour  Class

S$60 per session (1.5 hours)


S$500 10 Classes (valid for 3 months)

Flip Class

S$80 per session (1.5 hours)


Entitles you to attend A2 Movements

Private Parkour Training session

(Max. 1 sessions within validity)

​Fee: SGD 60 Per session

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Flips & Tricking


Entitles you to attend A2 Movements

Private Flip Training session

(Max. 1 sessions within validity)

​Fee: SGD 80

Per Session

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10 Sessions Private Small group Parkour Classes


Entitles you to attend A2 Movements

10 sesions Private Parkour Flip Training session

( Validity for 3 months)

​Fee: SGD 500

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*Note Required Format*

Subject: Private Training

1) NRIC number

2) Provide your mobile number (starhub, m1, singtel)

3) The dates you desire to book a slot

4) Number of people

5) Select - Number of session and hours each sessions

6) Desire location


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