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Parkour Workshop

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Outdoor Parkour

Fitness should be fun and empowers our movements.

A2 Parkour intends to have introduce parkour , by bringing participants back to having fun exploring work-out though games.

Scheduled parkour workshops will seek to have the participants to rediscover their bodily capabilities as they overcome the structures  learning to become more nimble , agile and how to break-falls.


Introduction To Parkour  - Public Parkour Workshop

1 Nov (Fri) - 7:15pm, 2 Nov (Sat) - 12:30pm, 3 Nov (sun) - 2:30pm 

Intention is for participant be exposed to parkour training as a mean to work out and how it can gradually increased with intensity in accordance to each personal comfort for progression

Peaceful Warrior Mind & Body - Parkour Mediation

3 Nov (Sun) - 4:30pm 

Intention is for participants understand moving meditation - “entering the flow” while, focused meditatoin is meant for participants to expereince how “self persevation” will start to sort priorities in our lives

Kids Ninja Parkour - Kids parkour workshop

1 Nov (Fri) - 5:30pm, 2 Nov (Sat) - 1:30pm, 3 Nov (Sun) - 3:30pm

Fitness & Engagement for kids through Parkour Intention is for the children to have fun and learn to be more nimble. Children will better explore the personal limits and capabilities of their bodily movement, abilities and how to break-falls.

Le Femme Parkour - Ladies Parkour Workshop

2 Nov (Sat) - 11:30pm

Intention is for the Ladies to learn some techniques on breakfall whilst having fun learning to be more nimble with parkour training. Ladies will to better explore and exapnd their personal limits and capabilities of their bodily movements and abilities.

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Parkour Workshop


Get access to either public Parkour Classes, Kids Classes and Ladies Classes.


Valid for 1 Workshop.


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